Halo 5 PC Port Teased Through Amazon Box Art

It’s been nearly three years since Halo 5 was exclusively released on Xbox One. The latest entry in the Halo universe,, could have new life breathed into it soon, however, if a recent listing on Amazon is to be believed. One eagle-eyed viewer, going by the name of AllGamesDelta on Twitter, took to the social media website to claim that a Halo 5 PC Port. How did they work that out? By stating that a slight change to the Xbox One edition’s box art had been made.

Posting images of the old and new box art side by side, AllGamesDelta has claimed that a Halo 5 PC version should be due to land in the near future. To back up that theory, the same Twitter account alleged that Quantum Break – another exclusive Xbox One game that was ported to PC – saw its box art changed ahead of the PC edition’s release.

An additional tag, reading “Xbox One console exclusive” was added to Quantum Break‘s Xbox One box art before the PC port was announced. An identical change has been placed on the Halo 5 Xbox One box art too, so logic would dictate that Halo 5 will drop on PC sometime this year or very early in 2019.

Halo 5 was released on Xbox One in October 2015, but was criticised in some quarters for its bloated story and misuse of Master Chief a.k.a. John-117. Developers 343 Industries have since come out and stated that they “took some digs” by not making Master Chief the main protagonist in the game. 343 and Microsoft seem set to rectify that in Halo Infinity, the next game in the series. A trailer teasing the game’s new Slipspace engine was debuted at E3 2018, but no news about when we can see the game in action has dropped since.