From Software PSVR Game Déraciné Gets Release Date

From Software and Sony’s Japan Studio have announced the Déraciné release date. Exclusive to PSVR, the adventure game is a departure for the games most think of when they hear FromSoftware. The collaboration was announced during Sony’s E3 2018 post-conference live stream.

Directed by Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki, Déraciné sees players in the role of a fairy. Players explore and interact with characters in a 19th century boarding school. At the beginning of the game you are unable to communicate with the inhabitants of the school. Players will have to find objects in the environment, and complete puzzles involving time manipulation to advance the story. Your goal is to make sure the people believe you exist.

True to Miyazaki’s last decade of storytelling, Déraciné is bereft with mystery and moments of a larger story. But Déraciné will be more pleasant than Dark Souls, don’t expect to be in constant danger throughout the game. Miyazaki has hopes that players will feel joy because of your interactions in the game.

In our hands-on preview at E3 2018 we explored a chunk of the game’s world, completing puzzles and getting snippets of a larger story. We said, “it’s using the medium to give players a more exploratory experience not focused on action or loud setpieces. But it’s hard to say its pacing and simple puzzles will soothe the player or lull them to sleep.”

Miyazaki explained why the studio was making Déraciné for a few reasons. The team wanted to try making a VR project, something different, something more like past games, and to just make something strange. Regardless of how the game turns out they’ve definitely done just that.

The game will be receiving a physical copy, exclusive to GameStop in the United States. Déraciné will retail for $29.99 whether players pick up the physical or digital copy. There are some pre-order bonuses, including a dynamic theme. Déraciné is out on November 6.