Kirby’s Epic Yarn 3DS Version Announced

Nintendo still seems to love the 3DS. The console maker announced that a Kirby’s Epic Yarn 3DS port was incoming. It will be called Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn and will be releasing exclusively on the 3DS family of consoles at some point next year.

The Nintendo Direct revealed that this will include all the stages from the Wii version. But in addition, the game will also have more abilities like being able to summon wind to gather beads and create bigger yarn balls.

The original release caught a great deal of flak for being too easy, which our own review even pointed out. This Extra Epic Yarn edition is trying to remedy that by adding in a new Devilish Mode. A little yarn devil follows the player and seems to drop a bomb on them if they take too long to progress.

It will even have new minigames with more playable characters. The trailer showed off being able to control King Dedede and Meta Knight. No others were shown and it is unknown if that is the extent of the new characters.

Given all the Switch ports, it’s a bit puzzling that this game was not announced for that system instead. It might have something to do with Kirby’s Epic Yarn being a Wii game and not a Wii U game. The Wii had 101 million total units sold while the Wii U only topped 13 million. Wii U ports typically feel like they were made in order to serve the game to a bigger audience since the Switch already has almost 7 million more sold units than the Wii U.

Regardless of the Wii’s big install base, the 3DS is in its final stage of life. Although Nintendo seems adamant to keep both of its current consoles alive by still making games for both.