Splatoon 2 Version 4 Update Unveiled

Nintendo is still showing support for Splatoon 2. During the most recent Nintendo Direct, the Big N showed off a trailer for Splatoon 2 version 4. It will contain new weapons sets and Splatfest changes, which will come out later tonight. The rest of the update that is release later will have new features, a sub, and special weapons. The new weapons will coming as part of the black, white, and red Kensa Collection will be out tonight, which are “painted with stylish monotone designs.” The rest are coming soon.

The game’s Tumblr account gave more of a detailed explanation on update 4.0, including its new Splatfest changes. Normal and Pro modes will replace Solo and Team modes. You can play by yourself or with up to three friends in Normal mode. Random players will fill in the team if you don’t have four players. The team’s clout is determined by how much you inked and added to your win bonus. If you’re on a hot streak, the game will even try to match you with teams on a similar amount of wins.

Teams will also have certain nicknames when “weapons, gear, or general styles of four players in your team meet certain conditions.” The example given gave the team the name of “The Nearsighted Shooter Squid Warriors.”

Pro mode is a bit more hardcore and is only for solo players and judges those players on their Splatfest Power. You get clout by beating the opposing team and even more for winning against squads with a higher Splatfest Power.

There are even rare “10x” and “100x” battles in both Normal and Pro mode where your contribution points are multiplied by 10 or 100 if you win. Splatfests are decided by votes and clout from Normal and Pro players. However, clout points can overcome a smaller amount of votes.

Update 4.1 will come some time in October and include Kensa Collection 2 (which will have new sub and special weapons), a new stage, and more.