World of Final Fantasy Maxima Coming to Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC

World of Final Fantasy Maxima is coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and is an expanded version of the original game that released in October 2016. This will be the first release of the game on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and will give owners of those consoles a chance to explore a world that contains heroes and creatures from the whole range of the Final Fantasy series.

If you’re not familiar with World of Final Fantasy, the concept is similar to Pokemon in that you have to capture creatures called Mirages in a prism to fight for you. These Mirages take the form of familiar monsters from the Final Fantasy games. Chocobos, Malboro, Moogles, Cactuars and tons of other FF beasties can be put to work in battle.

New to World of Final Fantasy Maxima is the avatar system. This mechanic will allow you to change your avatar to a classic Final Fantasy character. So far we’ve seen Yuna, Cloud, Lightning, and Noctis, but you can be sure they’ll be others available when the game comes out.

If you’re a huge Final Fantasy or Pokemon fan, then you’ll love World of Final Fantasy Maxima. If you already own World of Final Fantasy on PC or PS4, we’re not sure whether you’ll receive the Maxima version as a free update or not. Also, there’s no listing for a Vita release, so even if other platforms do get a free upgrade, you may be stuck with the original game. We’ll know for sure when it releases on November 6, 2018.