Animal Crossing Announced for Switch at Nintendo Direct

In the last second of today’s Nintendo Direct, right after we’d been trolled with Isabelle in Switch, we finally got confirmation of an Animal Crossing Switch game. Aside from Animal Crossing Switch coming out sometime in 2019, we know absolutely nothing about the game, but that doesn’t matter because we’re so there for it.

One of the top requests Nintendo fans have had since the Switch came out is for a new Animal Crossing game for Switch. I’m not talking about any Animal Crossing amiibo Festival, Happy Home Designer, or mobile games. I’m talking the real deal. In fact, other than Mother 3, a new Animal Crossing is one of the few things Nintendo hadn’t given us some kind of news on.

However, we can finally rest easy that we’ll once again get a chance to go into horrible debt for a substandard structure in a new Animal Crossing town. Tom Nook is rubbing his little Raccoon hands waiting for 2019 to roll in so he can get a fresh crop of wage slaves. But it’s cute, so sign me up. Put me down for a million bell loan with 25% APR. I don’t care as long as I get a new Animal Crossing.

Now Nintendo, now that you’ve answered so many people’s prayers, can we please get Mother 3 and a new Star Fox that isn’t just a remake of the first game?