Nintendo Switch Online Cloud Saves are Deleted When Your Subscription Expires

After last night’s Nintendo Direct, we now have a solid understanding of all the Nintendo Switch Online Service details. We know that there will be cloud saves, the release date, pricing, NES games, and special offers for subscribers. Right before the Switch Online Service rolls out, however, some further news regarding the Nintendo Switch Online cloud saves has surfaced. Your cloud saves will be deleted as soon as your subscription ends.

Eurogamer has explained the situation. As soon as your paid subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online Service has ended, Nintendo will delete all the cloud saves that it has backed up. There is no grace period akin to that of the PS4. Sony keeps players cloud saves for six months upon the ending of a PlayStation Plus subscription. Microsoft doesn’t charge for cloud saves on Xbox One, so everyone, regardless of whether or not they own a Gold subscription, has access to cloud saves on Xbox.

Not every game on the Switch will have cloud saves, however. Splatoon 2, FIFA 19, and Pokemon Let’s Go don’t grant access to cloud save backups, for example. As of writing, there is no word from Nintendo why this is, nor is there a complete list of titles that don’t feature cloud saves. You’ll have to look for disclaimers that say “does not support Save Data Cloud backup” on official game pages, boxes, and eShop listings.

In further news, Nintendo has gone into more detail regarding the NES classic games on Switch. Paying for the Switch Online Service allows you to play any number of NES titles at no extra cost, with new online modes to boot. Nintendo will trickle new games into the service, so there will always be something new to play. However, there is a caveat. If for whatever reason, you don’t connect your Switch online at least once a week, you won’t be guaranteed access to the library of NES games. It doesn’t matter how long you have left on your subscription.