A Dark Souls Mod Lets You Play as Link (Yes, Seriously)

Although Dark Souls wasn’t always available on PC, one of the most important things about its port back in 2012 was the fact that mods could be added to the game. Thanks to the efforts of the  community, there’s a Dark Souls mod that lets you play as Link, protagonist of the Legend of Zelda franchise.

PC Gamer reports that the famed Dark Souls modder, Drop0ff, has found a way to bring the Hero of Time to FromSoftware’s Dark Souls. With this mod, Drop0ff has taken pains to make sure that this version of Link isn’t just aesthetically similar to the original, though. He also has the same animations and audio as the Link from Nintendo’s titles.

The addition of Link to Dark Souls was the result of a collaborative effort between Drop0ff and AinTunez. In order to play as Link, all the player needs to do is wear the Hard Leather set. The mod has replaced this set with Link’s clothes from the Wii’s Twilight Princess, which suits the Dark Souls aesthetic nicely. Link’s infamous shouts have also been added to the character’s animations and audio.

Basically, players using this mod can play Dark Souls from start to finish as the Hero Chosen by the Gods. The mod is so well done that it genuinely feels as if Link has been integrated into the world of Dark Souls. Link’s character in the Zelda franchise heavily resonates with the character of Dark Souls‘s Chosen Undead, who is prophesied to appear as an undead champion at the end of the Age of Fire. Tasked with the seemingly impossible task of ringing the Bells of Awakening, the champion must strive to either end or perpetuate the Age of Fire—a task that seems worthy of the Hero of Hyrule.

You can find out more about Link in Dark Souls over at Zullie the Witch’s YouTube page.