PUBG Xbox One X Graphics Downgraded Over Performance Issues

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been suffering from performance-related issues since its official Xbox One launch. Players have routinely complained about framerate drops on Microsoft’s console, and PUBG‘s developers have listened. Posting an update on their official website, the game’s Xbox team explained why PUBG‘s Xbox One X graphics were being temporarily downgraded.

“We understand that many of our players on the Xbox One X are experiencing performance issues while playing the game, specifically framerate drops,” said the PUBG Xbox Team’s statement. “This week, we wanted to go over some of the things we’re doing to alleviate this issue, as well as an update on War Mode. We wanted to let our players know that we are aware of framerate issues on the Xbox One X, and that this is a top priority for us. We understand the frustration that this is causing and we will be deploying a hotfix on September 18 to implement some changes that will help with this issue.”

The hotfix will see a downgrade in the game’s graphical settings, such as a lowering of shadow quality, turning off motion blur and other post-processing effects, and much more. The statement goes on to reveal that PUBG‘s resolution and textures will not be affected by the hotfix, and the team apologized to those players who hadn’t experienced issues for the change. The dev team also revealed what other slight changes that the hotfix would bring.

“As mentioned above, there is an upcoming hotfix scheduled for September 18. This hotfix will include the Xbox One X graphical changes, a fix for the ‘Lost Connection to Host’ bug, and some additions to the game that are needed to prepare for War Mode,” said the PUBG Xbox team. “We also found an issue with the inventory in customization in the lobby where the menu is slowed when there are a lot of items. The fix for this will be included with the hotfix.”