Amazon MMO New World Gets New Screenshots and Details

Amazon Game Studios has been quietly promoting its massively multiplayer online game New World for a few weeks on the game’s Twitter page. The developers showed off some new screenshots from the sandbox MMO this past weekend. The first tweet from the developers came August 22, and they have been consistently dropping new screenshots every few days.

New World is set in the 17th century in a vaguely American countryside that also has supernatural elements. The title is being developed with the cloud computing of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in mind, which may allow it to host thousands of players in a single contingency.

Players team up and build forts, colonies, and towns to rule over the landscape and those outside their own walls. The game looks gorgeous in the screenshots shown by the development team. Described by PC Gamer as “part MMO, part survival game,” New World looks to be a new breed of massively multiplayer games.

Akin to Bethesda’s Fallout 76, Amazon’s MMO is a large sandbox with survival elements and base-building. Unlike Bethesda’s post nuclear wastelands, New World‘s historical fantasy setting and cloud integration set it apart. Amazon Game Studios plans to have everything in the game be created by players. The game will use AWS to host every player in one simulation.

New World has been in development since at least 2016 at Amazon Game Studios’ Orange County. Previously known as Double Helix games, they shipped the Killer Instinct reboot for Xbox One in 2013. Amazon acquired Double Helix in 2014. The MMO was revealed at TwitchCon 2016 alongside Breakaway, and Crucible.

Amazon canceled Breakaway in April of this year after the game spent several months in public alpha in 2017. Crucible is still in development although not much has been seen of the game in quite some time. There are currently sign-ups for New World‘s alpha on its website.