Halo Infinite will have Microtransactions and Other Recurring Services

For those who were waiting keenly on the wings for Halo Infinite to come out, it looks like we’re being drip-fed news about 343 Industries‘ latest. The most recent bit of news to come our way is the fact that Halo Infinite microtransactions are going to be a thing. Maybe we’ll finally get to deck Master Chief out in some sick decals as long as we can fork out the dollars for it. In any regard, Microsoft has indicated that Halo Infinite is going to be an avid subscriber to the “games as a service” model, which is increasingly prevalent with other modern AAA titles.

We’d previously noted the job description put up by Microsoft which mentioned designing emblems and other cosmetics as a part of its duties. That description looks to have been updated to specifically mention that a candidate will be in charge of implementing microtransactions and other progression mechanics in the game, which confirms past speculation.

Judging from the franchise’s previous brush with microtransactions in Halo 5 bringing in well over a million dollars according to Gamespot, it’s expected that 343 Industries has gone down this particular route. Not only is it what everybody else is doing these days, but it clearly makes commercial sense. Knowing that the franchise is going to focus back on the original hero of it all, Master Chief, may well draw back some eager punters ripe for the (wallet)picking.

While some may have a bone to pick with the idea of microtransactions in full-service AAA games, Halo Infinite appears committed to that model at this stage if Microsoft’s job listening is anything to go by. Getting our mitts on the game before 2019 grows slimmer by the day, but 343 Industries taking their time with their new baby is to be expected. Will you be forking out more money once you get your hands on the next Halo game? Let us know.