GRIP Combat Racing Multiplayer Trailer Released

A brand-new multiplayer trailer for GRIP Combat Racing has just been released. The trailer shows off all of the different local and online multiplayer options in a way befitting that of GRIP: Fast and furious. It’s an explosive trailer that features some of the game’s intense gameplay and dub-step soundtrack. You can watch the new GRIP Combat Racing multiplayer trailer below:

As the trailer shows, GRIP Combat Racing features local splitscreen multiplayer for up to four players. A couple of previously unannounced multiplayer features are announced in the new trailer, too. You can “build your own tournaments”, although it isn’t made clear whether the custom tournaments are online-only, local multiplayer only, or available for both. Online races can feature up to ten players.

We are also shown that you can customize your cars into whatever color you want. Alongside the multiplayer and customization options, of course, are your standard singleplayer modes such as Grand Prix, single races, and a “Carkour” mode. Carkour challenges players with completing stunt courses. There are 18 in the game, and we can even take them online with leaderboards.

GRIP Combat Racing comes from some of the developers behind the classic combat racer Rollcage. You’ll be racing at ridiculous speeds across dangerous tracks that have you driving on ceilings, through traps and against other, weapon-equipped racers. That’s right. You’ll not only be racing competitors, but also attacking them with various explosive weapons. Mario Kart, eat your heart out. You’ll pick up missiles, shields, and boosts throughout each race. The cars aren’t the only thing that you can attack, however. Certain parts of each track can be destroyed, allowing you to create shortcuts, or even damage other racers with collapsing structures.

GRIP Combat Racing is due to release on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on November 6, 2018.