Rocket League Passes 50 Million Players Worldwide

Car soccer game Rocket League has surpassed 50 million worldwide players. Developers Psyonix announced the milestone in a tweet today. Rocket League has experienced widespread success and popularity since it launched in 2015.

The milestone comes three years and a few months after the game’s launched as a free game to PlayStation Plus subscribers. That initial release gave the game a large player-base immediately, and word of mouth spread from that community. From the game’s month as a free title to PlayStation Plus subscribers it was downloaded over six million times. Rocket League‘s success can be attributed to the developers strong concept and execution, and smart utilization of the PlayStation Plus offering to garner a lot of attention quickly.

Psyonix ported Rocket League to the Xbox One, macOS, and Linux in 2016. A Switch port followed in November 2017. Our initial review of the game started with the line “you guys, seriously, Rocket League is awesome. The end.” The game earned a 4.5 and our only issues have been largely ironed out over the intervening three years. We were mainly concerned with the small number of modes available at launch. Psyonix has since added new sports-themed modes, special events, and an options-heavy custom game mode.

The game has experienced continued success due to it’s low entry price and engaging gameplay. At $19.99 Rocket League is a steal for most budgets, and is frequently found on sale. The game has regular content drops including themed cars such as a Back to the Future DeLorean DMC-12. These add-ons are available to purchase for a few dollars each, and have helped maintain profitability for the developers. Psyonix has no plans for a sequel, and will continue to support Rocket League for the foreseeable future.