Nobuo Uematsu Hiatus Announced Because of Health Issues

One of the games industry’s most prolific composers has announced that they’re taking a break from current projects as they recover from health issues. The popular Final Fantasy composer has said recently that he has been feeling fatigued and that he needs some time off to attend to his mental and physical health. This Nobuo Uematsu hiatus has come as a surprise to fans, but Uematsu made it clear that his absence would only be temporary.

Uematsu wrote about the reasons behind his choice to take some time off in an entry on his Line blog. In it, he briefly discusses his studio, Dog Ear Records, and the toll that his workload has taken on him. Uematsu is known not only for his iconic work with Square Enix properties but also for being a tireless performer who travels the world on tours involving his original compositions. Uematsu is in his late 50s currently, and his constant involvement in recent Final Fantasy endeavors seemed to indicate that he wasn’t going to slow down any time soon.

However, Uematsu is only human, and his post makes it clear that while he is apologetic about the effect that his hiatus will have on those who are eagerly waiting for more music from him, his health has to come first. He mentioned that he would be making a “full recovery,” which is probably a sign that this break isn’t going to turn out as long as Kingdom Hearts 3‘s development cycle.

With the remake of Final Fantasy VII announced recently and Siliconera reporting that Uematsu was working on the sweet tunes for that, it looks like we won’t have to wait too long to experience his musical genius again. Fans are wishing Uematsu a speedy recovery, and the sooner he recovers and returns to composing, the sooner we can appreciate yet another masterpiece.