Resident Evil 2 Remake Cloud Strife mod mixes RE and FF7

If you already know all the ins and outs of Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake, why don’t you add some spice to your next playthrough? A Resident Evil 2 Remake Cloud Strife mod created by ZeratulYT replaces Leon with one of the most popular characters from the Final Fantasy series, and main star of the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

This mod swaps Leon S. Kennedy for Cloud Strife, spiky hair included, but that is the extent of it. It’s somewhat fitting that Cloud looks a bit lost and confused during the initial moments from the Resident Evil 2 Remake, as if wondering what he was doing in Raccoon City.

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While we can appreciate the Resident Evil 2 Remake Cloud Strife mod, it could use a few enhancements to truly shine. I can’t quite get past his awkward zombie stare, and the model seems to use low-resolution textures, resulting in a blatant contrast with RE2 Remake’s high-quality graphics. The hair could also use some work, especially the wet hair effect. Eventually, modder ZeratulYT may address these issues in the future and give the Cloud Strife mod the spit and shine that it deserves.

However, many Final Fantasy 7 fans will surely enjoy this mod, while they wait for the release of the remake. You can download the mod via Nexus Mods, and you will also need the Fluffy Manager 5000 tool to install Resident Evil 2 Remake mods.

Speaking of which, ZeratulYT also created another Resident Evil 2 Remake mod that replaces Claire’s outfit with the Virgin Killer sweater. The video is NSFW, so if you want to watch it, make sure to look over your shoulder first.

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