Super Mario Odyssey mod gives players a horrifying glimpse at Mario without a mustache

When you hear the name Mario, what comes to mind? For me, it’s two things: One of the best video game characters of all times and an iconic mustache. Along with his red overalls, one of the defining features of Mario is his mustache. Even since his pixelated days in Donkey Kong, back when he was known as Jumpman, Mario still had his iconic mustache. Now, because the world is a twisted place and it’s human nature to wonder ‘what if,’ a new Super Mario Odyssey mod has been created that gives a rather horrifying glimpse of what Mario would look like without a mustache. I must warn you, it’s rather disturbing.

Super Mario Odyssey mod

As you can see in the image above, a clean shaven Mario is not the Mario we want. Not only does it make him look like a teenager, it oddly makes him look less heroic. Some have also pointed out an uncanny resemblance to Fix-It-Felix from Wreck-It-Ralph. This comparison is spot-on and simply backs up the fact that Mario should never shave his mustache. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Fix-It-Felix. However, when compared to Mario, he is much less of a hero in my mind.

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This horrifying Super Mario Odyssey mod first appeared on and was created by a user named M&M. One commentor put it best when they said, “I fear no man…but that…thing…it scares me.” Some may remember that this isn’t the only time Super Mario Odyssey has gone through disturbing times: For a while, hackers were forcing pornographic images into the Super Mario Odyssey online mode. This mustache-removal mod doesn’t go to such extremes, but if you’re still interested in checking it out for whatever reason, you can download it through the site and try it out for yourself. Be warned, though: If you do, you might not ever see Mario the same again.