Borderlands 3 DRM will be controversial Denuvo Anti-Tamper

Those of you looking forward to the next chapter in Vault-hunting might be a bit disappointed: the Borderlands 3 DRM has been revealed. The Epic Games Store page for the game now lists Denuvo Anti-Tamper as the “3rd party DRM” for this upcoming first-person shooter from Gearbox.

Denuvo is intended to make it more difficult for gamers to pirate titles. However, some users have reported that Denuvo comes with some very unfortunate side effects on a selection of titles, painting a worrying picture for this particular choice of Borderlands 3 DRM as noted on the Epic Games Store page for the title.

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As an example, the launch of Sonic Mania back in July of 2018 was rife with problems, causing slowdowns, crashes, and freezes in legally-purchased copies of the game. Players of Monster Hunter World also found themselves completely unable to play the game, even though they met the required PC specs. (And for a dash of irony, the Sonic Mania problem was diagnosed by a hacker who was in the process of cracking the DRM.)

These are just a couple of examples; the apparent terribleness of Denuvo has long been a meme of sorts in the PC gaming world. Heck, even the big boss of Tekken 7 stepped up and stated that the DRM scheme was causing problems for players of his game.

Suffice it to say, Denuvo is a bit of a mixed bag. With some games like Resident Evil 5 and other titles being cracked within a week or less, it makes one wonder why developers are even risking the potential for possible side effects causing slowdowns, crashes, or freezes in their game. Here’s hoping that Denuvo serving as the Borderlands 3 DRM will be one of the less-terrible applications of the software.