Star Control: Origins is Available on Steam Now

Star Control: Origins released today on Steam and is the prequel to the previous entries in the series. Like before, you’re tasked with taking a huge interstellar ship into the unknown to carve out humanity’s place amongst the stars. Unfortunately, there are quite a few hostile species out there that’d like to do some carving of their own.

This open-ended RPG has you splitting your time between resource management, exploration, and diplomacy. There are hundreds of solar systems to seek out and the worlds within them can be exploited via your lander. Your main opposition during your journey will be the Scryve. Due to TV and radio broadcasts, they’ve intercepted the Scryve have deemed us as a threat to the universe and want to wipe us out for good.

While the Scryve Empire does hold thrall over a sizable area of the galaxy in Star Control: Origins, there are intelligent species out there that will aid you in your mission to defend Earth from destruction. Your upgradeable ship will convey you to the stars, but it’s up to you how to best use its systems. As you quest amongst the cosmos, you’ll get the chance to outfit it with new weapons and abilities. You’ll need to master new technologies if you want to stand against the Scryve.

Star Control: Origins also includes tools for creating your own ships, quests, worlds, aliens, and dialog. The Adventure Studio will help you craft your own content that you can share with others who own the game.

If all this sounds great to you, Star Control: Origins is available for purchase on Steam starting today at $39.99. If you want to see what it’s all about before you buy, we’ll be playing it today on our Twitch stream, so stop by and hang out with us as we explore the galaxy and hopefully don’t die.