Anthem Alpha Out Now, Demo to Follow in 2019

Those who have been awaiting BioWare‘s latest project don’t have that much longer to wait. It’s recently been announced by the general manager, Casey Hudson, at BioWare that the Anthem alpha is currently in session. It had previously been mentioned that a demo for the highly-anticipated game would be made available in February 2019, so it seems like everything’s right on schedule for what hopefully ends up being BioWare’s next smash hit.

Casey Hudson made this announcement about Anthem having reached the alpha stage in a blog post on the company’s website. In his post, he specifically mentioned how fun Anthem has been for the crew currently testing it, and that it’s “full of engaging character moments and storylines.” There are still those in the community who are skeptical about BioWare’s ability to make a decent narrative out of what appears by all accounts to be a multiplayer-focused title. As a counterpoint, Hudson’s post also remarks that the fact that the experience relies on players inhabiting a living, changing world based on the choices on others actually makes it more immersive.

Hudson’s post also takes the time to mention Baldur’s Gate in particular, which is largely considered one of BioWare’s premier titles. The fact that Baldur’s Gate is being talked about in the same breath as Anthem may be another good sign for those who were worried about narrative strength in BioWare’s latest offering; Baldur’s Gate was a landmark moment in RPG storytelling, so any and all traces of that in Anthem will likely be well-received by fans.

There’s still a couple of months left for the team at BioWare to work out any of the pesky kinks in Anthem‘s bug repellant Javelin suit before the demos roll out in early 2019. We’re hoping that we get to see a lot more about Anthem between now and then and that the game’s time in Alpha brings with it some sweet footage to keep fans hungry for more.