The Quartering Star Banned For Life From Gen Con

Jeremy Hambly, star of the controversial YouTube channel “The Quartering,” was attacked outside Gen Con back in August. Yesterday, it was revealed that a recent development had gotten The Quartering star banned for life from Gen Con.

IndyStar reported that the Gen Con incident happened outside the Tin Roof pub at about 1:00 a.m. on August 2, 2018. A man, now identified as Matt Loter, approached Hambly and asked him his name. After he confirmed that he was in fact Jeremy Hambly, the man struck him several times in the head.

Yesterday, September 25, Hambly posted a video to his YouTube channel confirming that he is now banned from all future Gen Con events.

In the video, Hambly said that “there are lots of people that support [him] inside the Gen Con walls.” However, he then said that he had received a notice of suspension from Gen Con via email on September 14. The email reads as follows:

After further review, Gen Con has determined that the two principal account holders in an off-site incident will be suspended from attendance at future conventions for an indefinite length of time. This account holder has violated the convention’s Ethics, Conduct, and No Harassment policy for targeted online bullying of attendees, and will be suspended until further notice.

Gen Con is committed to a safe, harassment-free environment. Additional Terms of Service violations may result in more severe actions, including a permanent ban from Gen Con and any affiliated events.

This is not the first ban that Hambly has received. On December 7th, Wizards of the Coast suspended Hambly’s DCI (Duelists’ Convocation International) membership permanently, after he posted videos harassing a cosplayer online. Christine Sprankle quit Magic the Gathering because Hambly’s video caused many fans of The Quartering to harass her on social media. This was a case of “targeted online bullying of attendees.” Hambly’s suspension was received on top of a lifetime ban from all future Magic the Gathering events.

It is unknown at present whether there will be any more developments on the Gen Con situation.