Dying Light 2 is on its way

Dying Light 2 – Release Date, News, Multiplayer, Trailer, and More

Dying Light 2 was revealed at E3 2018. Developer Techland debuted the game with a reveal trailer and gameplay demo that showcased a lot of the game’s new concepts. The open world survival horror game is attempting new ways of interacting with and altering the story and world of Dying Light 2. Techland developed the original Dead Island game, and continued its trend of first-person zombie apocalypse titles with 2015’s Dying Light. That title had a heavy focus on melee combat and parkour. Dying Light 2 looks to be taking that core and expanding on it in interesting ways. Below we have the Dying Light 2 release date, news, multiplayer info, rumors, and everything else you need to know.

Dying Light 2 Release Date

Techland has yet to nail down a specific date for the sequel to Dying Light. The game is set to release sometime in 2019. The game’s E3 reveal showed a sizeable portion of the game, and showcased new ways of interacting with the world. The game now has many more player choices that will lead to consequences for the world. This feature was shown in the demo, and would seem to indicate the game is quite far along.

Techland has also had a significant chunk of time to develop the game. Dying Light released in early 2015, with a generously sized expansion releasing about a year later. The developer may be playing close to its chest in case of a delay, so as not to upset fans awaiting the game.

Dying Light 2 News

The game was announced by Chris Avellone at the Microsoft E3 2018 press conference. Avellone has been an independent narrative designer and writer for a variety of acclaimed video games since joining Interplay in 1995. Avellone worked on several Fallout games, Pillars of Eternity, Neverwinter Nights 2, and Tyranny. His collaboration on Dying Light 2 has altered the game’s structure, and made it a more narrative and player choice heavy game.

Dying Light 2 has been relatively quiet since E3 when it was announced. The developers have said they are focusing on how player agency will affect the world, and plot of the game.

Dying Light 2 Rumors

As Techland continues to work on Dying Light 2 in secret, it has led to speculation about the game. There have been confirmations that the game will have multiple endings and a map much larger than the first games. Some fans have tried to pin down how these endings will manifest, most likely as versions of different “faction” endings. The game seems to have a heavy emphasis on the interaction of different factions in the new city setting, and player choices will give these factions varying influence on the world.

Dying Light 2 Platforms

Techland has announced that Dying Light 2 will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. The game runs on a Techland proprietary engine, and the developer has not announced plans to bring it to the Nintendo Switch.

The original Dying Light did not receive a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X patch, but Techland has plans to support the superpowered consoles. Dying Light 2 will have support for those systems, and is said to be targeting 60fps over higher resolutions.

On Windows, Dying Light is available on GOG, Steam, and the Microsoft Store. The variety of options includes a DRM-free version through GOG. Dying Light 2 may follow suit and release through multiple storefronts on Windows. The version may be important for any multiplayer components the game has.

Dying Light 2 Multiplayer

The game will have a multiplayer component when it launches. Developer Techland has not said much about the multiplayer modes available, besides that the game will have multiplayer “surprises”. Dying Light 2 won’t have a battle royale mode, at least according to lead designer Tymon Smektala.

The original Dying Light launched with an asymmetrical multiplayer mode that pitted four players against a nigh-invulnerable zombie controlled by a fifth player. After that mode, the game was expanded with a four player cooperative mode when The Following released in 2016. Techland recently launched a third multiplayer mode — Bad Blood — a 12-person elimination mode with enemy players and AI enemies. Dying Light 2 may bring some of these multiplayer modes with it when it launches in 2019.

Dying Light 2 Trailer

Techland’s reveal brought a swathe of information with it. The announcement trailer showcased the new setting, and tone for the game. The trailer showed off some of the game’s updated parkour and melee combat, while emphasizing how player choice will impact the game. The trailer showed the world in various states, presumably because of player choices affecting the inhabitants.

A gameplay trailer was also shown during E3 2018. Techland’s first-person parkour system is on full display in this Avellone-narrated trailer. The protagonist is working for a faction in the city, and we see multiple ways to handle the quest.

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