PSX 2018 Is Not Happening, Sony Confirms

PlayStation has confirmed that there will be no PSX 2018. The PlayStation Experience has been held yearly in San Francisco, Anaheim, and Las Vegas in the United States since its 2014 inception. Shawn Layden, Chairman of SIE Worldwide Studios, confirmed the news on the latest PlayStation Blogcast.

Layden appeared on episode 308 of the Blogcast to announce the news.

“Now that we have Spider-Man out the door,” he said, “we’re looking down in 2019 to games like Dreams and Days Gone, but we wouldn’t have enough to bring people all together in some location in North America to have that event. We don’t want to set expectations really high, and then not deliver on it.”

Rumors have swirled around PSX 2018 for weeks now. Capcom announced that the Capcom Cup fighting game tournament will be held in Las Vegas. Capcom has held that tournament at PSX the last several years. Microsoft’s announcement of the X018 event earlier this week also raised suspicions about Sony’s PSX, especially with mention of third-party announcements for that event.

PSX 2017 didn’t please fans as much as previous years and felt it was lacking big announcements. Sony has used PSX to announce a variety of games including The Last of Us Part 2, Uncharted 4, the Crash Bandicoot remake, Ni No Kuni 2, and more over the years. Its decision to not host PlayStation Experience suggests most of its games aren’t in a state to be shown off or that the publisher is saving its titles for another show.

That’s not to say that Sony won’t have surprises and news throughout the rest of the year. Sony has worked extensively with the Video Game Awards, in its various incarnations, to premiere and announce new projects. Sony announced Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, The Last of Us, God of War 3, and more at Spike VGA’s throughout the years. It is possible that Sony will bring surprises to this year’s Game Awards.