Fallout 76 Intro Cinematic Released

Aspiring Vault Hunters who have been eagerly awaiting news about Fallout 76 can now all rejoice. The Fallout 76 intro cinematic has now been released by Bethesda, and it also gives us more information about when the game is going to actually hit consoles. A little taste of cheesy military propaganda starts off proceedings in the latest footage, and it looks like we’ll catch our first glimpse of it all on October 23, if we’re lucky enough to be Xbox owners, that is.

The intro cinematic harkens back to a lot of the material that we’ve come to know and love with the Fallout universe. While it speaks very optimistically about the prospects of humanity and rebuilding the new world, anyone who’s even so much as looked at the cover of a Fallout name knows that the world goes to hell in a handbasket even though Vault-Tec tried to build underground societies to preserve the American way of life. We already know about the rather grisly events that were facilitated by those using Vaults throughout the Fallout universe, so the trailer is particularly unsettling in the way it juxtaposes a message of hope with the reality of the carnage that fans of the series are resigned to.

That being said, it still looks incredibly visually impressive. We know that Fallout 76 is going to run on the latest Microsoft hardware and it’s been shown off as such already, so it being so beautiful isn’t really a surprise. We may not know much more about the game modes being offered or about how things like combat and the narrative (if there ends up being one) will work, but Bethesda has always been good at wetting fans’ appetite for games to come. We all remember the great work that it did for Wolfenstein, and we’re definitely excited for the next little tidbit that we get about Fallout 76. Check out the trailer below.