Nintendo Confirms That Bowsette is Basically Canon

Bowsette has been all over the web lately after the revelation made by the Nintendo community last week involving Bowser putting on the Super Crown and transforming into the reptilian counterpart to the (in)famous Peachette. While plenty of us think that Bowsette is one of the better things that the internet invented (all credit to the artist Ayyk92), evidence has surfaced which suggests that Nintendo had come up with the idea of Bowsette before anyone else. This evidence was also uncovered by someone in the community, and it has ties to the acclaimed Super Mario Odyssey.

Eurogamer has reported that the evidence comes in the form of the Super Mario Odyssey art book. In it, the book has a comic strip of what clearly is Peach being hit by a cap that looks distinctly like Cappy, but green. No doubt this cap is meant to be Bowser’s twisted version of the same soul-swapping technology, and Nintendo confirms it with a panel of Peach turning into, well, the Bowser-ified version of herself. Ergo, Bowsette. The tweet below from Twitter user Nao (@Sakusuru) has almost the entire page showing:

From the artwork, it’s obvious that Nintendo was at least contemplating the concept of having Bowser use the power of a hat like Cappy to alter Peach’s appearance. That never happened in Super Mario Odyssey, but with the community’s newfound love for Bowsette, Peachette, and all things weird and wonderful about the Super Mario universe, maybe they’ll think about putting her in some content in the future.