Fortnite Jiggle Physics Error Removed from Season Six Update

While we’re used to jiggle physics in slightly more adult titles like Dead or Alive 5Dynasty Warriors, and perhaps even the Senran Kagura series, the last place we expected to see them was in Fortnite. However, that’s exactly what happened in the latest Season 6 update. The Calamity skin for women mistakenly showed off a lot more bounce than players have been used to seeing in the Battle Royale game, and Epic Games have since removed the Fortnite jiggle physics error to placate those who were scandalized by its accidental insertion.

As reported by Eurogamer, this particularly perky problem was discovered by a prominent Fortnite streamer, FaZe Agony (@Agony) who tweeted about it with footage of said problem. The tweet clearly shows more movement than expected with regards to the player avatar, and Epic Games has been very quick to comment on this issue and to condemn it. It was made clear by the developer that the unexpected undulating caused by the skin was a mistake, and that it was simply an animation issue at this stage.

Jiggle physics have been absent from Fortnite in general in the past, so this blip on the radar doesn’t look like it was at all indicative of Epic trying to sauce up their moneymaker in any way.

That doesn’t come as a surprise considering the fact that it young children play the game, so it probably wouldn’t be very appropriate to start taking notes out of the Koei Tecmo playbook at this stage. While there was some predictable backlash from the community regarding the removal of the physics, it’s difficult to think of a situation where it would be fine for that material to stay in the game in that form. That being said, the gaffe was hilarious while it lasted, even if Epic has done some excellent damage control in making sure that the same thing doesn’t happen again this season.