New SteamWorld Games on the Way, Developer Announces

Image & Forms Games has confirmed that new SteamWorld games are on the way. The devevloper has announced that more SteamWorld games are in development twice now in recent months, but today’s confirmation does reinforce the company’s message. No news on what form the game will take has been announced, however, just a promise that the series will return.

Taking to Twitter, Image & Form Games thanked fans for their patience and announced that there are more SteamWorld games in the works. You can see the tweet below:

This is the second time that Image & Form has confirmed that more SteamWorld games are in development. The company took to YouTube to elaborate a little on any such developments. You can watch said video below:

To date, there have been three SteamWorld games. The latest: SteamWorld Dig 2 was released on Nintendo Switch September last year. It has since been ported to 3DS, PS4, and PC. Image & Form like to mix it up a little with its SteamWorld games. The Dig games, for example, offer Metroidvania style gameplay, with digging mechanics and quests to tackle. SteamWorld Heist, meanwhile, is a side-scrolling tactical shooter that sees you bouncing bullets off of walls, explosive crates, and into enemies.

Each game in the series has proven popular, and all have garnered very positive reviews. The Switch version of SteamWorld Dig 2 sits on an average review score of 88 on Metacritic. Heist received an average review score of 91 on the same console. The first Dig title, however, faired slightly worse with an average review score of 75 on Switch. It has not been confirmed what the new SteamWorld games will be, however. Perhaps we’ll see something completely different from Image & Form this time around. We’ll let you know exactly what the new SteamWorld games are as soon as we can.