Amazon Has Been Cancelling Switch Games Orders

Online retailer Amazon has been canceling many customers’ orders of the Nintendo Switch exclusive Daemon X Machina. This is despite the fact that the game is not coming out until 2019. The company has been telling consumers that the cancellations are occurring due to low stock of the title. However, the Seattle based corporation has made no official announcements on the matter.

Multiple users of video game forum ResetEra have reported that their pre-orders of the upcoming  Nintendo Switch game have been canceled by Amazon US. The various forum posts on the situation have noted that the cancellations have been due to a lack of availability. This is rather bizarre considering that the game is not releasing until 2019.

Many of the posts have also been mentioning that they pre-ordered the title with the now defunct 20 percent discount for Amazon Prime members. Additionally, the game is no longer available to order at all on its Amazon page. Instead, users are notified to provide their email address to be notified when stock for the game is available. Furthermore, the software is not listed on Amazon UK in any form.

Some ResetEra members have theorized that this may due to a dispute between Amazon France and Nintendo in regards to the Switch. According to forum members, the French arm of the company is no longer selling any Nintendo Switch products since the Japanese company is no longer providing stock. This may in part be to protest Amazon France’s prices for the console being the lowest of any third party in the country. However, there is nothing to confirm the validity of this.

Daemon X Machina was revealed earlier this year at Nintendo’s E3 presentation. It is being developed by the creator of the Armored Core series, Kenichiro Tsukuda and will feature giant customizable mechs.