New Harry Potter RPG Leaked and it Looks Magical – Watch the Trailer

An upcoming new Harry Potter game has reportedly been leaked, with a camera recording of a trailer surfacing online. Boasting character customization, an explorable Hogwarts, and various fantastical beasts, the Harry Potter RPG is allegedly being developed by Avalanche Software (Disney Infinity, Toy Story 3: The Video Game). A studio acquired by Warner Bros., which owns the rights to the Harry Potter franchise, Avalanche has reportedly been increasing its staff in order to work on a game based on the Potter universe. This is seemingly that game.

The trailer was allegedly captured by a participant in a focus group before being uploaded to YouTube. Though it isn’t direct feed footage, if it is a fake, it’s certainly a well-made one. Showing the customized player-character taking part in a variety of Hogwarts classes along with exploring its world, it appears to be composed almost entirely of in-game footage.

Fans have wanted a big-budget Harry Potter RPG for a long time now. Being able to take a Hogwarts student from the Sorting Hat through to battles with villainous wizards and witches is a concept built for video games, yet only the early Harry Potter film tie-in games like Chamber of Secrets have come close. Though we’re not sure if this leaked game will stick to this concept, it does appear to be very close to the game that Harry Potter fans have been asking for.

Back in early 2017, Avalanche posted a job listing (via Mandatory) that pointed towards the studio working on a Harry Potter game. This listing wanted a Senior Environment Artist with “a deep understanding of British culture” to work with the developer on an upcoming project. It was widely speculated that this project would be related to Harry Potter.

Avalanche nor Warner Bros. has confirmed that the leaked footage is legit, though it appears to be the real deal. As the game is still unannounced no release date has been confirmed, but this trailer looks ready to roll out in the near future.

Watch the leaked footage below: