iOS 12 Unlock Hack Discovered

An iOS 12 unlock hack has been discovered less than a month after the Apple’s latest mobile operating system was released. The iOS 12 lock screen bypass isn’t easy enough to threaten most devices and users, but the possibility alone will put a dampener on Apple’s device security.

Reported by NakedSecurity, Spanish researcher Jose Rodriguez, who has a history of breaking into iOS devices, is behind the new vulnerability discovery. The iOS 12 unlock hack allows access to device contacts and telephone numbers, photos, and even emails.

This isn’t some over the air vulnerability, so don’t worry about using your device as you normally would for the time being. The iOS 12 unlock hack requires the attacking individual to get their physical hands on your device and go through a convoluted 16-step process to access contacts, phone numbers, and emails (the good stuff), and another 21-step process to view any photos stored on the device. That last part made seemingly more difficult by Apple’s Face ID tech. The user in question will even need a secondary Apple device on hand to execute the hack.

According to the website, some Siri functionality, like the ability to execute commands through the iOS 12 lock screen, plays a major part in opening up vital user information. Of course, this means disabling Siri’s lock screen privileges will nip this issue right in the bud until Apple preps and releases the obligatory iOS 12 unlock hack security update in due time.

iOS unlock hacks are the main reason why most devices used by businesses are typically warned to stay away from early software upgrades like yearly iOS upgrades. History has shown iOS updates like iOS 6, and 9, both shipping with easily discovered iOS unlock hacks that required immediate security updates to fix.

There’s little chance of someone executing this hack on a pedestrian iPhone, but those with particularly sensitive information on their device would be wise to hold off on iOS 12 for the time being, or to at least turn off Siri’s lock screen privileges.