Liquid Media Group Acquires 65 Acclaim Entertainment Games

Acclaim Entertainment-published titles like the Midway favorite NBA Jam might have a bright future thanks to the land of hockey and maple syrup, along with our collective love of all things retro. Liquid Media Group, a production company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, recently acquired 65 of the famed publisher’s old-school titles. This acquisition creates a potential opportunity to see remasters and sequels of classic games like the aforementioned cartoonish b-ball game along with many others.

Liquid Media snagged up the titles from development/publishing studio Throwback Entertainment, who acquired the Acclaim Entertainment library back in 2006. The move was in response to the recent resurgence in retro gaming popularity thanks to references in pop culture and the cost-related accessibility of development for indie studios. According to Joshua Jackson, Chairman of Liquid Media group and Dawson’s Creek alumnus (no, we’re not kidding):

  “So many people, myself included, are returning to the classics. The nostalgia brought on by this resurgence in retro games connects us to our childhoods – and creates incredible demand.”

As for the company’s intentions with the titles, it seems the sky’s the limit for Liquid Media. From the press release:

“In addition to improving graphics and creating more immersive experiences that build off their predecessors, the Company expects to remaster the beloved titles for today’s gaming platforms.

Complimenting its existing holdings in the gaming sector, Liquid now also has an expanded content library for cross-media opportunities, such as video game adaptations for direct-to-video or online movies and local, national and international TV.”

No word yet on any official remasters, adaptations, or sequels, but GameRevolution will be sure to keep you updated on any and all developments related to this acquisition. For now, enjoy your existing retro consoles, and check out all of the retro-styled games that indie studios are putting out!