The Quiet Man Release Date Announced by Square Enix

Square Enix has announced the official release date for The Quiet Man. The upcoming game will be released for the PS4 and PC on November 1, 2018. Developed by both Square Enix and Human Head Studios, The Quiet Man release date was unveiled in an extended four-minute live action trailer released earlier today. It will be available at a price of $14.99 / 1,800 yen.

According to Gematsu, those who purchase The Quiet Man from November 1 to November 15, 2018, will receive the limited edition version of the game, as well as an additional ten percent discount. PS4 owners will receive a digital copy of the game, alongside an exclusive dynamic theme and eight PlayStation Network avatars. Meanwhile, those who purchase the game on Steam will receive a total of seven desktop and mobile wallpapers.

The publisher describes The Quiet Man as “an immersive story-driven cinematic action experience.” Interestingly, it also claims that the game can be completed in one sitting, which means that the game could only last as long as a few hours at most. The story of the game will take place throughout the duration of a single night, with deaf protagonist Dane fighting his way to investigate the kidnapping of a songstress named Lala by an unknown masked man.

Most of the new The Quiet Man release date trailer comprises of live action footage. However, we can still see gameplay footage of the combat in the game near the end of the trailer, which seems strangely reminiscent of the Yakuza franchise. Check out our hands-on preview of the game from PAX West 2018 for more details about the game. With the game coming out in less than a month, perhaps Square Enix will be showing us more of the game as we get closer to November 1, 2018. Check out new The Quiet Man trailer below.