Overcooked 2 Heads Poolside With New Surf N Turf DLC

Team17 and Ghost Town Games know that you miss summer already. That’s why they saved the new Surf N Turf DLC for Overcooked 2 specifically for early October. This new add-on is out now on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Switch for $5.99. It comes with new chefs, kitchens, recipes, and more.

The Onion King is taking players on a culinary island getaway. They’ll cook on the beach and by the pool in 12 new story levels. It may sound like a nice change of pace, but you’ve still got a job to do, no matter what conga line happens to dance in your way.

The staff expands with the help of a parrot man, an islander, and the return of Boof with a fresh pair of shades. Of course, since you’re vacationing, you’ll need to whip up some local delicacies. In addition to the normal menu, you’ll be blending fruit smoothies and sticking meat onto sticks for delicious kebabs.

Overcooked 2 also has a new water pistol which will give you a quick alternative to washing dishes by hand. Just be sure to watch your aim. As for the food, you’ll need to use bellows to stoke the flames of your BBQ pit to higher temperatures. Just be careful with that new implement. Those water pistols are designed for plates and not burning burgers.

If you’ve played before, you’ll know that your work area isn’t exactly private. In the trailer below, you can scope out scenarios where you’re cooking while sailing down a lazy river. Or, you could just be on the beach contending with a spinning raft that holds your next ingredient. Whatever the case, the tropical nonsense will at least keep you in a good mood as you run from the inferno you set into motion. Check out the trailer below.