Overcooked 2 Free Holiday DLC Available Now

Instead of some sort of temporary festive event, Ghost Town Games is doing something a bit more permanent. It released some Overcooked 2 free holiday DLC today for the PS4, Xbox One, Steam, and Nintendo Switch versions of the game. The new pack include two new cooks, five more kitchens, and three additional dishes.

This Overcooked 2 free holiday DLC comes in the 1.04 update, which is lovingly titled Kevin’s Christmas Cracker Update. Along with the new recipes like Christmas pudding, mince pies, and hot chocolate, the update also brought a few new features. Players can now utilize a timerless practice mode for each kitchen, online invites will also let all local players join (which now allows for two couch and two online players in the same game), the Onion King will now have different dialogue when revisiting the throne room, and, of course, there are also some bug fixes. No one wants bugs in a kitchen, after all.

Overcooked is no stranger to free DLC. The first game also received a holiday pack for no charge back in 2016 called The Festive Seasoning. It included eight new levels, some recipes, a couple extra chefs, another vehicle, and a flamethrower. Sadly, Kevin’s Christmas Cracker Update does not include any sort of cooking weapon.

This is also the second piece of level DLC for Overcooked 2. Aside from the costume pack that launched alongside the game, it also got the Surf N Turf DLC in October. That pack added recipes and levels that fit around a beach vacation theme. However, unlike the holiday DLC, it was $5.99. Ghost Town Games also patched in a New Game Plus mode shortly after the game’s launch that added an extra hard star to each level, further showing the free support the team has given its beloved title. You can check out the trailer for the new update below.