Overcooked 2 New Game Plus Mode Coming Soon

Overcooked 2 has only been out for a week and the game is already about to get another helping of content. Developer and publisher Team17 confirmed that an Overcooked 2 New Game Plus mode is “coming soon” in the slew of upcoming updates planned for the game. Team17 said it will talk about that and other surprises in the “days, weeks, and months ahead.”

The Overcooked 2 New Game Plus mode adds a “devilishly delicious” fourth star to each of the 45 levels of the main campaign. These stars will most likely require near-perfect runs to hit the necessary point threshold. Team17 has not mentioned if all this extra work will grant its expert cooks any rewards other than internal satisfaction. However, New Game Plus requires that players at least beat the main campaign before attempting to snag that elusive fourth star.

Neither Team17 nor Ghost Town Games has hinted at what the other updates coming in the future could be. If it follows the pattern of the first game, it will most likely get more levels, characters, and recipes down the line. It’s already even selling the pack of five extra cooks that came with pre-orders for $4.99. However, the addition of this new mode means the studio could have more unconventional ideas in the works.

It’s possible that Overcooked 2 could directly follow the first game’s post-lunch post-launch support through a few packs of downloadable content. The Lost Morsel, its first piece of paid DLC, contained more kitchens and playable chefs. It also had a free add-on called The Festive Seasoning, which was a winter holiday-themed pack that had eight new co-op levels, two more recipes, two additional cooks, and, of course, a flamethrower. Both were rolled into the game’s Gourmet Edition, which made its way to Switch last year under a slightly different name.