BioWare Reveals More On Anthem’s Classes

As Anthem marches closer to its release, the team at BioWare has been slowly releasing more details on the game. While some aspects remain a mystery, we now have a better understanding of the game’s class system. BioWare recently gave away some more information regarding that class system such as ability set, class roles, and more.

As BioWare stated on EA’s website , players in Anthem can choose between four different classes, or “Javelins,” to pummel their way through the game. Each of these exosuits provides a unique set of abilities and benefits, along with additional perk customization. Players can switch between their Javelins without making a new character. However, BioWare has stated that you can have more than one character per account.

The first Javelin players will use is called the Ranger. More than a “jack of all trades,” the Ranger is meant to give players options. You’ll have access to a broader range of weapons and abilities and more customization options compared to the other Javelins.

At close range, the Ranger can utilize its Shock Mace to zap enemies (and likely stun them). To help with crowd control, the Ranger can use various grenades and a Multi-Target Missile Battery to keep quick enemies at bay. The Ranger also has a unique leader skill called Muster Point, which provides gear cooldowns for the rest of the team.

Tank Class

The Colossus Javelin focuses on taking a stiff beating while dishing one out. Equipped with a shield and heavy armor plating, the Colossus looks like a good tank (in traditional RPG terms). It also carries the more devastating weapon options, like mortars, flamethrowers, and canons.

This hulking Javelin is a heavy hitter, but it lacks the maneuverability of the others. It makes up for its speed with its Shield ability, allowing it to close the gap between your target while taking less damage. It can also bring death from above with its High Explosive Mortar or clear out close range enemies with its Heavy Smash. Lastly, it sports a Siege Canon which can deliver ruin for anything in its path.

The Storm Javelin acts as a mage class as it focuses on high energy damage but lacks a proper defense. This glass canon shouldn’t be fighting up close, and its ability set helps make that a possibility. The Hover ability allows the Storm Javelin to remain highly mobile to position itself and stay out of danger. It can also use Teleportation to dodge and evade enemies that come its way.

Lastly, the Interceptor Javelin is the thief of the bunch. While we don’t know any of its abilities yet, we do know that it is built for speed. Players should expect that its powerful close range attacks and swift movement will be counterbalanced with less armor than the Ranger or Colossus.

Anthem is scheduled to release on February 21, 2019, for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.