RTX 2080 Ti overclock world record

RTX 2080 Ti Overclock World Record Broken Again

The Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti overclock world record has been shattered once again. Managed by der8auer of der8auer EEC, the RTX 2080 Ti overclock world record was stripped from YouTubers Jay of JayzTwoCents and Steve Burke of Gamers Nexus just days apart.

There’s no video evidence on the der8auer channel just yet, but the previous video attempt by Gamers Nexus was edited around 2 hours ago to clarify that ber8aurer had managed to beat the score achieved just hours before. The announcement was made through a pinned comment by Gamers Nexus’ Steve Burke on the previous record break attempt video.

The RTX 2080 Ti overclocking world record doesn’t actually apply to a single card. Rather, the RTX 2080 Ti overclocking world record features two cards in SLI, making one of the most powerful gaming setups imaginable even stronger. The test applies to more than just the two graphics cards, too, with various only vital pieces of computer hardware being tweaked and overclocked to achieve the highest possible score on benchmarking tool 3DMark.

The current best result of 15323 is far from the top stop of the overall benchmark thanks to the existence of quad-SLI GTX 1080 Ti cards, but it’s a strong result for a two GPU setup nonetheless than still earns a place in the top 10.

All three channels and their hosts have spent the last week or so heavily modifying their cards and equipment to outplay each other and push the benchmark record even higher. The mission started when Gamers Nexus uploaded a video shortly after the release of the RTX 2080 Ti showing off its potentially great overclocking headroom. Since then, the three channels have fought to maintain the RTX 2080 Ti overclocking world record.

As of 4 AM PDT on October 4, 2018, how the current record was set isn’t clear, but it’s proven stronger than the chest of ice used by Gamers Nexus in the previous attempt.

According to the pinned comment, der8auer apparently plans to send the competing channel’s the equipment needed to keep the competition alive.

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