Diablo BlizzCon 2018 Announcement Teased, Game to Have Two Main Stage Weekend Panels

Diablo BlizzCon 2018 announcement has been hinted at by Blizzard Entertainment. The schedule for the convention has two Diablo focused panels during the weekend, suggesting some major news about the franchise. BlizzCon is an annual gaming convention that is held by the Californian company every year. It focuses exclusively on the company’s IPs and games.

Blizzard Entertainment has released its schedule for its major gaming event and it heavily hints at a Diablo BlizzCon 2018 announcement. During the weekend a “Diablo: What’s Next” and “Diablo: World and Q&A” panels are planned to be held on the main stage. Only very important events are held on the main stage. So for Diablo to have two over the weekend is very interesting. In addition to this, the first of the two panels is scheduled right after the opening ceremony. It will be held before any other Blizzard IPs have their own panels as well.

This is of note since these kinds of panels have historically discussed whatever news has been announced during the opening ceremony. Therefore, for Diablo to have such an important spot on the schedule teases a large announcement of some kind during BlizzCon. Diablo III Eternal Collection was revealed to be released on the Nintendo Switch earlier this year. It would be strange for the company to give such importance to this particular release. Therefore, some big news on the franchise could well be on the way.

The opening ceremony will begin at 11 AM PT/2 PM EST. The first Diablo panel will begin shortly thereafter at 12:30 PM PT/3:30 PM ET.

BlizzCon 2018 will be held at the Anaheim Convention Centre on November 2 through to November 3. Virtual tickets for the event are currently available for those who cannot attend the event in person. The BlizzCon All-Acess Kickoff stream was held earlier in September and revealed many details for the November event.