Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Returns October 16

October is here and yes, the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost is coming back. Guardians around the globe can rejoice as the fan favorite event is set to return to Destiny 2 on October 16 according to the weekly blog update on

For those unfamiliar, Festival of the Lost is a Halloween-themed event hosted within Destiny 2. In previous years, Guardians were tasked with quests and events that involved trick-or-treating at various NPCs, collecting and wearing spooky masks, and the Tower getting decorated in frightfully fun ways. Festival of the Lost was oddly missing from Destiny 2’s first year in 2017 but Bungie confirmed it would come back this year when they released their roadmap plans alongside Forsaken, the game’s Year 2 expansion.

In today’s blog post, Bungie says we will find out more on the event next week, teasing a few details:

Welcome to October. This month will be home to another Festival of the Lost. It begins on October 16, 2018, with a celebration of lost heroes and a new challenge to tackle. It includes a costume party, and you’re all invited. It ends with a quest to solve a murder.

There’s not much to go on outside of the release date. But it is noteworthy that the festival appears to include a murder mystery quest to round it all out. All that I can think about is a Destiny-themed game of Clue. Uldren Sov did it with the Ace of Spades in the Prison of Elders. To soon? We will never forget you Cayde-6.

New challenges and a costume party hint that masks will return in some form and most likely collecting candy to complete various missions, as was the case in previous years. The Tower is noticeably different Destiny 2 so its decoration will remain a mystery until October 16. Previously, the decorations featured lanterns and had a heavy emphasis on purple candles.

Bungie will give us a full reveal next week so be sure to stay tuned.