Castlevania Requiem Won’t Use Original Localization for Symphony of the Night

Castlevania Requiem won’t be using the original localization for Symphony of the Night. The bundle will instead be using the English voice acting and script from the PSP’s Castlevanua: The Dracula X Chronicles. Konami is releasing Requiem exclusively on the PS4 on October 26.

GameSpot’s Mat Paget reported the news in a tweet earlier this week. A Konami representative confirmed with Paget that the original voice acting and script were not being used in the Requiem release. Infamous lines from Symphony of the Night‘s original localization won’t make it into the game, including Dracula’s “what is a man?” speech from the beginning off the game. The re-localized script is more in line with the original Japanese script.

Rondo of Blood never received English voice acting until the PSP title. Originally released in 1993, the game only reached North America and Europe through The Dracula X Chronicles in 2007. The PSP remake used a 2.5D game engine with 3D polygonal characters on a 2D plane. A port of the original 2D version was also included. That original version is being used in the Castlevania Requiem release.

Symphony of the Night released on the PlayStation in 1997, with a Sega Saturn version the next year. It is widely regarded as one of the best video games. Koji Igarashi directed the game, with Michiru Yamane composing its renowned soundtrack. Symphony of the Night helped solidify the “Metroidvania” genre in the gaming community. Symphony of the Night and Super Metroid popularized the genre. It is known for having an interconnected world map, and for using backtracking as a key element of the design.

Castlevania Requiem is Konami’s first traditional Castlevania title since 2014’s Lords of Shadow 2. Konami announced the mobile game Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls earlier this year. Konami is working with Netflix on the second season of the Castlevania show. Castlevania Requiem and the second season of Netflix’s Castlevania are releasing on October 26.