Pokemon Go Sinnoh Pokemon Coming Soon

The Pokemon Company has officially confirmed that Pokemon Go Sinnoh Pokemon are on the way. The company released a short trailer and explained that the new Pokemon Go Generation 4 Pokemon are on the way soon. No release date was given, unfortunately, but some information regarding the new Pokemon has been shared.

The Pokemon Company took to Twitter to confirm the news, supplying a short teaser trailer and a little information. You can watch the trailer and see the tweet below. You can see Chimchar, Piplup, and Turtwig with a hint at more to come in the cinematic trailer.

Alongside the announcement and teaser trailer, The Pokemon Company took to its official website to outline a few changes scheduled to take effect soon in Pokemon Go and release a press statement regarding the new Generation 4 Pokemon coming soon. “Your Pokemon Go adventures are about to get even bigger when Pokemon that were originally discovered in the Sinnoh region arrive in the game.” The company explains that “along with the additional Pokemon, several tweaks to game balance are also being implemented based on Trainer feedback.” These changes will arrive with the Pokemon Go Sinnoh Pokemon.

It is hoped that the incoming changes will “promote an improved overall experience.” Changes have been made to Pokemon Migration and Behaviour and Pokemon effectiveness in Battle. The full list of changes can be seen below:

  • The weather feature will “have a reduced effect on the rate at which Pokemon appear.”
  • Pokemon variety will increase with time in each area you explore at different rates.
  • Parks and Nature Reserves will contain more Pokemon species than before.
  • CP values will be adjusted for balance.
  • There will be less of a difference in HP for Pokemon with high and low HP.
  • “Pokemon Defense and Stamina values will be rebalanced, allowing Pokemon with high defensive stats to be valuable by outlasting opponents in battle rather than these Pokemon merely taking too long to defeat.”
  • Most Pokemon will have their defense stats reduced.

With a teaser trailer and official announcement, we should be able to catch Generation 4 Pokemon in Pokemon Go soon. We’ll keep you up to date.