Just Cause 4 Story Trailer Reveals Latest Game’s Plot

The Just Cause 4 story trailer has been released. The video, which is just shy of two minutes in length, gives players and fans an idea of what to expect from the plot. In typical Just Cause style, there’s plenty of action to take in, and a banging soundtrack that ties in nicely to the footage’s vibe.

The trailer was released on the official Just Cause Youtube channel on Thursday. It kicks off with a woman speaking over a clip of protagonist Rico Rodriguez’s secret agent file trying to be uncovered. Rico’s lengthy list of deposed criminal presidents, heads of state, and other people in power is mentioned, before it’s revealed that he has turned up in Solis. Solis is the setting for Just Cause 4, and sees Rico attempt to find out why his father was working with the notorious Black Hand. The Black Hand are a paramilitary group run by a lady named Gabriela, and Rico wants answers to this shock reveal.

The trailer quickly moves on Rico discussing his “kind father”, before he’s made aware of his dad working for Gabriela’s organisation. He explains that he will head to Solis in search of answers, but is warned against doing so due to the terrible weather in the fictional nation. A montage of the extreme weather is shown off, before plenty of clips of explosions, fire fights, and more action set pieces take over. The video finishes with the game’s tagline “Bring the thunder”.

Just Cause 4 has been developed by Avalanche Studios, and will be published by Square Enix. It is the first game from Avalanche to be built in its Apex engine, which allows for the stunning tornado and weather systems at play. The latest installment in the Just Cause series will be released on December 4, and will be available to buy on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.