Darksiders 3 Bosses Can Be Fought in Any Order

THQ Nordic has confirmed that Darksiders 3 is set to have non-linear character progression and gameplay. We’ll be able to tackle the Darksiders 3 bosses in any order we see fit at certain points during the story. The company has gone into some detail regarding the Darksiders 3 non-linear gameplay systems in a blog post. The Darksiders 3 release date for PS4, Xbox One, and PC has been set on November 27, 2018. You’ll be able to unleash your fury soon.

Speaking on a PlayStation Blog post, Reinhard Pollice (executive director at THQ Nordic) went into some detail regarding Darksiders 3 gameplay. The main area of concern is just how open-ended Darksiders 3 can be in its gameplay, characters, and narrative. The Darksiders 3 bosses, for example, can be fought in any order you want. “Fury will endure major boss fights with formidable opponents including each of the Seven Deadly Sins. Each sin boasts his own style and presents unique challenges in battle such as Sloth who commands an army of monsters while he leisurely throws globules of poison.”

Speaking of the open nature of the game, Pollice explains that “gameplay in Darksiders 3 is non-linear. Players can decide which bosses to take on at various points in the story.” THQ Nordic believes that “these changes in gameplay progression create a more sophisticated Darksiders player experience. They serve as a reflection of how complex and defining a character Fury will be for the entire franchise.

Darksiders 3 also foregoes the traditional weapon and gadget collection of the previous games. Unlike War and Death before her, “Fury is a mage; her weapon progression [is] tied to actual changes in her physical form.” We’ve already covered one of Fury’s forms: The Force Fury form, in which “she has a new weapon-The Hammer- and her new traversal move is in ball form.” There are “four different forms Fury will unlock as the story progresses.” This allows for more “tactical combat,” rather than the “mass battles” of old.