PUBG Europe League Announced, Begins January 2019

An official PUBG Europe League has been launched by the PUBG Corporation. In collaboration with StarLadder, PUBG’s developer has revealed that part of its five-year esports plan will incorporate a European league of PUBG teams. The PUBG Europe League is comprised of two divisions and will, like many other sports, contain a promotion and relegation format in an effort to keep the league looking fresh and different.

The news reveal came from a press release on PUBG.StarLadder, which explained how the newly-formed league would work. The PUBG Europe League will begin in January 2019 and will consist of three phases throughout the year. There will be 16 teams that will play in the battle royale LAN-style studio based in a European capital, and the champions of the entire event will have a €1,000,000 total prize pool.

“Taking the next step in our five-year plan, the PUBG Europe League brings more consistency with regular matches from professional teams, bringing an increase in competitive matches for the fans and players of PUBG to get excited for and watch,” vice-president Alex Nam explained. “The more matches on offer from the league will ensure teams are enhancing their skills and strategy over the course of the season, to result in matches with even more grandeur.”

Qualification for the PUBG Europe League begins in October, and runs until the middle of December. Despite the league’s name, teams from Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East are able to apply. Entry level teams will compete in an Open League, which is divided into three sections: Europe West, Europe East, and Middle East and Africa. Those teams with a higher skill will be put into the Contenders League. Competitors will be able to get promoted to the PUBG Europe League by winning matches in special promotion tournaments at the end of each phase.