Ubisoft Celebrates For Honor Hitting 15 Million Players

For Honor has been a hit for Ubisoft. Since launching in February 2017, the medieval action brawler has slowly amassed a huge player base. Now Ubisoft has announced that the game has a playerbase of over 15 million. Part of this success is attributable to the studio’s continued support for the title, which has been the case since its launch.

Ubisoft revealed that the game had hit 7.5 million players on its first anniversary in February 2018. That number also came with 1 million active users per month. It then briefly went free-to-play on Steam for a week in August, garnering even more players and hitting an all-time high. Ubisoft was already supporting the game with free updates but this gave it a bigger audience and more clout to experience those updates.

Marching Fire is one of those new upcoming content drops. First announced at E3, Marching Fire will introduce four Chinese heroes into the game’s endless war. It is reminiscent of Kilik from Soul Calibur.

Marching Fire also introduces two new modes, one of which will be free for all. If you just want to keep playing without paying, you’ll be able to sample the new Breach mode. This combines For Honor‘s unique melee combat with a payload straight out of Overwatch.

Those players who pony up the cash will have a head start. The Marching Fire expansion gives you two weeks with the new heroes before anyone else can unlock them. It also introduces a PvE arcade mode that serves up new challenges and scenarios constantly via procedural generation. Grinding it out against AI opponents will net you rewards that go towards your multiplayer progression. Might be just what you need to nab that winged eagle helmet you’ve been eyeing.

When the expansion hits, all 15 million players of For Honor will be treated to some new changes. The entire game will receive enhanced graphics and a user interface refresh. Looking at the trailer, you’ll also be able to see a new post-game victory screen. This welcome addition is a staple of any game where you want to show off your cosmetics to the world.

For Honor: Marching Fire update and expansion both hit the battlefield on October 16. If you don’t already have the game, don’t fret. A Marching Fire edition will be available that includes the base game and the expansion in a single bundle.