Squadron 42 Cinematic Trailer Debuts at CitizenCon

The CitizenCon news keeps coming in. In addition to all the updates coming to Star Citizen proper, Cloud Imperium Games shared a bit about Squadron 42. Set in the world of Star Citizen, this single-player focused experience showcases a host of famous faces. You can see in the Squadron 42 cinematic trailer how actors like Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson, and John Rhys Davies fit into this futuristic world.

You also may be able to spot Andy Serkis, Henry Cavill, Mark Strong, Gary Oldman, Liam Cunningham, and Ben Mendelsohn in the trailer. Considering the game’s massive crowdfunding intake, it’s no surprise that these actors are so recognizable in-game. Cloud Imperium states on Squadron 42‘s website that they’ve captured over ten hours of facial performances during development. The company even boasts of capturing wrinkle and blood flow maps, and the proof is in the video footage.

Squadron 42 promises to take players on a journey throughout the year 2945. As a rookie joining up the titular squadron, you’ll be facing off against alien threats and other space outlaws. You’ll take up residence on a “living capital ship” with plenty of characters. Chat with crewmates using a “dynamic” conversation that remembers your reputation. Cloud Imperium shared that the story will feature cutting-edge enemy A.I., missions with branching paths, and spaceships you can customize.

If the facial capture in the trailer impressed you, it’ll soon be possible to get a hands-on demonstration from home. An upcoming update headed to Star Citizen‘s “Persistent Test Universe” will include a version of the technology. Face and Voice Over IP technology allows you to capture your face with a webcam in real time. The game then maps it onto your character, letting you amuse your friends as you go. There aren’t plans to have consumer-facing full bodysuits yet, but it’s still one step towards the future.

Squadron 42 and Star Citizen are still in development. Cloud Imperium Games did release some news that could hit at an eventual release. Alongside the Squadron 42 cinematic trailer, we have word that a roadmap to release will be coming in December. With any luck, players will be blasting off to Hurston not too far after that.