Darksiders 3 DLC has been detailed by THQ Nordic.

Darksiders 3 DLC Details Announced by THQ Nordic

Darksiders 3 is getting two DLC packages after the game launched. THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games announced the Darksiders 3 DLC today. Keepers of the Void and The Crucible are additions to Darksiders 3 that will add new areas and storylines to the game.

Keepers of the Void sends the player character Fury on a quest from Vulgrim. He is a demon merchant and requires Fury to destroy an ancient threat in the Serpent Holes region. New puzzles, and enemies will attempt to thwart Fury as she fights to complete her quest. The Crucible, will see Fury fighting waves of enemies in a mode similar to Gears of War’s Horde mode. Players can unlock new items and equipment through their progression in both DLC’s.

No price was given for the Darksiders 3 DLC, but the Deluxe Edition — which is marketed as including the DLC — is selling for $69.99 on Steam. The same bundle is $70.39 on the Playstation Store, and $71.99 on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Darksider 3 Deluxe Edition is on sale on each platform, with a non-sale price of $79.99. The discrepancy comes from the percentage off each platform is allowing, which is a puzzling decision for the game. A $400 Apocalypse Edition is also available from select retailers, it includes the DLC.

Darksiders 3 was announced in May 2017 by THQ Nordic. Gunfire Games was founded in 2014 after Crytek USA was closed in 2014. Crytek USA rose from the ashes of Vigil Games, the studio behind the first two Darksiders games. THQ’s bankruptcy in late 2012 through early 2013 saw Vigil’s closing, and key members moving to the doomed Crytek USA. Gunfire Games is headed up by David Adams, who originally founded Vigil Games in 2005.

THQ Nordic is planning to release Darksiders 3 on November 27 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC (Steam and GOG). The game comes over six years after the initial release of Darksiders 2.

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