Arena of Valor Ignis Buff Results in 100 Percent Ban Rate

An impending Arena of Valor Ignis buff has caused a cataclysmic effect in the meta of the mobile MOBA title. The changes are about to become far more widespread as the offending patch gears up for a worldwide release. The October Arena of Valor patch notes attempted to turn the unloved character into a more viable pick across the board. But it may have been too effective since the hero has now resulted in a 100 percent ban rate in tournaments.

The flame-bearing elder mage takes a lot of the ideas seen in other MOBA heroes, like Brand from League of Legends. But long ability animations and a skillset relying too heavily on a passive that put a squishy mage too far forward in a clash made for a character too tricky to reliably pull off. The incoming Arena of Valor Ignis update looked to change all that, but it created something of a monster in the process.

However, the hype might be short-lived. Reports have begun to emerge that put the changes into perspective. The rather small-sounding Arena of Valor Ignis change, which buff the character’s stat scaling, reduced animation times, and added an ability reset to his passive, has resulted in the character being banned by competing teams in every round of the GCS Summer Season tournament.

Images captured by Reddit user Buttom_1995 show four separate instances of the newly released Arena of Valor Ignis buff resulting in a ban alongside known heavyweight heroes like Superman, Omen, and Roxie, giving Ignis a 100 percent ban rate since the update.

The separated nature of Arena of Valor in other regions places like China and Indonesia are at the top of the priority list when it comes to updates, with these patches slowly rolling out to other regions over time. Rumors of the patch content trickled over from other regions and suitably ignited the Arena of Valor subreddit as past Ignis mains heralded the second coming of the “The Anointed One.”

Considering he was long considered dead weight in any past competition, this sudden change of heart by the competitive community could mean the revival of Ignis could be undergoing another serious change real soon.