Resonance of Fate HD Texture Pack Is A Separate Download

A Resonance of Fate HD texture pack will be offered as a separate download on PC according to the game’s official Twitter account. Announced last month, the HD re-release of the last-gen JRPG it set to launch later this week.

According to RPGSite, the Tweet reveals plans to release the Resonance of Fate HD texture pack as a separate download, the decision was made after taking in feedback from the Steam community who noted the unusually high download size of 83GB when the game’s store page. The tweet itself is in Japanese, but worldwide Steam Store pages now reflect a far more modest 16GB disk space requirement.

The option to allow for a separately downloaded Resonance of Fate HD texture pack will keep initial download sizes down, allowing for players to jump into the game much faster than before, but will ultimately mean playing the game with textures similar to or identical to the original release.

Given Resonance of Fate didn’t release on PC alongside the PS3/Xbox 360 launch in 2010, the ability to at least tweak settings like shadows and resolution will make for a crisper experience than the original title, but the Resonance of Fate HD texture pack will still be a required download to get the true HD/4K experience on compatible PCs.

Resonance of Fate was first released onto last-gen consoles back in 2010. Developed by Tri-Ace, famed for their work on the Star Ocean series, the title was considered by the development team as a more grounded take on the JRPG genre designed to appeal to Western audiences with its focus on gunplay.

Set on Earth and featuring a steampunk aesthetic, the game received generally favorable reviews. The game was instead titled End of Eternity in Japan, apparently to keep in line with other JRPG naming conventions at the time.

Resonance of Fate 4K/HD Edition releases worldwide on October 18.