Sony Reveals PlayStation 4 Message Crash Fix

Sony has revealed a potential PlayStation 4 message crash fix. Via its support Twitter account, the company responded to a user complaining about the bug by saying it has “fixed the issue.” The initial problem was that PS4 users were receiving spam messages that caused their consoles to become unresponsive. This has led to some users needing to factory reset their hardware.

Sony has not officially commented on this messaging bug that affected many users recently. This is the first time the Japanese company has acknowledged the existence of the issue. In a tweet, the Ask PlayStation UK account replied to Twitter user @onevin555 over the issue. The corporate Twitter said that the issue has been fixed and that it wasn’t necessarily bricking consoles. Rather the harmful messages were sending the affected PS4s into a crash loop. The fix suggested is to “Delete the message on the PS mobile app, go into Safe Mode, use Option 5”. There is currently no news regarding a firmware update to permanently fix this issue.

Another reply to the thread by the PlayStation UK account has revealed that Sony has not banned any particular users over this malicious activity. This is because it does not know exactly who has been causing the issue. The tweet continued on to say that users should report whoever has been sending them the messages.

This bug had begun appearing up over the recent weekend for PlayStation 4 users. A message consisting of the word “Juegas”, a question mark in a box, and a heart emoji was the cause of these issues. When users received the messages, many alleged that their controller would stop working and their consoles bricked. The message did not have to be read for its effects to occur. This meant users could have been in the middle of game when they were affected.