Yooka-Laylee Comic

Yooka-Laylee Comic Kickstarter Launched, Targeting $40,000

Dreamprism Press has announced that it will be publishing a Yooka-Laylee comic. The graphic novel will be titled Yooka-Laylee and the Kracklestone. It will be set in the universe of the game and will feature the titular characters. A Kickstarter for the project will be launched on October 17, with 30 days for it to reach funding.

The Kickstarter will be asking for $40,000 to fund the 120-page book. This new Yooka-Laylee comic will be set after the game and will feature the dynamic duo entering a new tome world. There the two will race against Dr.Quack to obtain an artifact rumored to hold powers of invincibility. The crowdfunding campaign will last for 30-days. It will ship in June of next year. For $15 backers will be able to receive a digital copy of the comic. At the $30 tier, fans will receive a handsewn hardcover edition of the volume. For $50, they will receive a Kickstarter-exclusive edition, and at $75 they will receive a  limited Grand Tome Collector’s Edition.

The comic will be written and illustrated by D.M. Cumbo with Playtonic’s blessing. Cumbo previously worked as an artist for Insomniac Games and WayForward. He worked on Sunset Overdrive as well as the recent Ratchet & Clank. Dreamprism Press was founded in 2014. This will be the publisher’s first physical comic released. The Kickstarter campaign will launch at 14:30 EST on the aforementioned date.

The official page for the book adds that during the campaign various updates will occur. These will include” social media posts, YouTube videos, interviews with cool industry folks, previews of work-in-progress on the book, and more.”

This comic Kickstarter has a good chance of being funded considering the franchise’s history with Kickstarter. When Yooka-Laylee‘s initial funding campaign began, it became the fastest video game project to reach $1 million on the platform. The game later released in April 2017.

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